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Pricing is calculated by multiplying the width by the length of the quilt and times it by the price per square inch.

Pricing depends on the type of quilting you would like on your quilt. All over designs are designs that repeat all over the quilt and go edge to edge. Prices start at 0.015 to 0.25 per sq. inch.

Custom quilting enhances the piecing, applique or embroidery of the quilt and the sashing and borders. Prices start at 0.03 per sq. inch.

There is a minimum charge of $50.

I carry Hobbs 80/20 cotton batting, White or Natural, also Warm n' Natural 80/20 in Natural @ $8.50 per yard and Hobbs Wool. Shipping is done through only insurable carriers. We ship to all 50 states.

Quilt Preparation:

Your top and backing needs to be neatly pressed and all threads front and back clipped. Check to see if your quilt is square...if it isn't, I can help you with that. Backing needs to be 8" longer and 6" wider than the quilt top and square. All outside seams should be back stitched to prevent the seams from popping when the quilt is put on the machine. No salvages on backing fabric. Borders should lay flat. If the borders do not, then tucks may need to be taken in order to quilt the border flat.

Stitching seams and ironing is $10 per hour.

Binding the quilt is .25 per inch when it is sewn to the front and hand stitched on the back with mitered corners. Binding must be provided ready to stitch.

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